In this article, three Chinese researchers introduce the recent advances in the use of Natural User Interface (NUI) for neurological disease detection and assessment, and share some of their practices in the area. Read more here via @CACMmag :
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William Wang    @WilliamWangNLP    6/1/2021      

Congratulations UCSB #NLProc Group PhD student @WenhuChen for successfully defending his PhD thesis "Accessing Diverse Web Knowledge with Natural Language Interface" today with flying colors!
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Henry Yuen    @henryquantum    11/25/2021      

A nice Quanta article by @mordechwhy about the recent breakthrough on locally testable codes with asymptotically optimal parameters.

Brandon Rohrer    @_brohrer_    11/30/2021      

My hope is that the next time you read an article about the latest natural language processing conquest, you'll be able to nod contentedly, having pretty darn good mental model of what's going on under the hood.

Amelia    @IPsoft    11/19/2021      

A successful Conversational AI deployment calls for a great deal of planning. For Conversational AI best practices and deployment insight, read the article below.
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