Murray Shanahan    @mpshanahan    11/23/2021      

Human: Do you have a gender? Robot: Yes. Agenda is take over world! #BadRobotJokes
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Oxford Insights    @oxfordinsights    1 hour      

Today! We're so excited to be holding our webinar on gender equality and social inclusion in public procurement at 2pm GMT. See you there!!

MIT CSAIL    @MIT_CSAIL    11/30/2021      

Underrepresentation can be from the perspective of race, ethnicity, gender, first generation, or entail overcoming significant challenges in a path toward graduate school. See
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Oxford Insights    @oxfordinsights    11/25/2021      

Speaker announcement! We're so excited that @ScarletCGeorge @LMarchessault @jo_hntz @ana_joaca and @GDSTeam will be joining us next week as speakers at our Gender Equality and Social Inclusion in Public Procurement Webinar 🎉 You can register here:
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