The Gradient    @gradientpub    11/23/2021      

Check out our interview with @Miles_Brundage! He is Head of Policy Research at @openai and is passionate about the responsible governance of AI. We chat about the economic impacts of AI, misuses of AI, how to make AI trustworthy, and more! 👂 👇
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Stanford HAI    @StanfordHAI    12/6/2021      

Interested in the study and responsible development of foundation models? The Center for Research on Foundation Models is looking for research engineers with strong large-scale machine learning systems background to join the team. Apply by Dec 15:
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Ana Lučić    @__alucic    11/15/2021      

We are really proud of this work and hope that others can use it to implement similar courses at their own universities. Reproducibility is a fundamental component of responsible science and it is important to teach the next generation about reproducible research practices.
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Anna Rogers    @annargrs    12/4/2021      

The legal stuff should become easier in the future, partly bc the awesome data governance group of @BigscienceW, led by @mmitchell_ai @YJernite will hold a "legal hackathon" in January. NYU postgraduate law students will collaborate on a playbook for ML research! Stay tuned! /6
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Rosanne Liu    @savvyRL    12/1/2021      

A common misunderstanding is that we founded @ml_collective to "get people into ML research." Not at all. We actually did it to "give you a taste of ML research so you can decide for yourself if it's right for you." To be clear: research is not for everyone. And it shouldn't be.