Vincent Sitzmann    @vincesitzmann    11/23/2021      

In other news, I have a first version of the website for my future MIT research group! The name I have decided on for now is the "Scene Representation Group". There's even a logo! Thanks to the amazing @ludwigschubert for opinions & hands-on help :)
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Michael Bronstein    @mmbronstein    11/30/2021      

Another big piece of news: we won the AWS Imagine grant! Proud to work with amazing @ProjectCETI team. Thanks @AWS_Nonprofits for the support!
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Matthias Niessner    @MattNiessner    11/23/2021      

We have a PostDoc opening for Neural Rendering & Implicit 3D Representations! We offer a fantastic environment with 18 amazing PhD students. The position is E14 with generous research funds - no overhead, just top-notch research! Please share & apply :)
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Mirco Ravanelli    @mirco_ravanelli    11/29/2021      

We are happy to give you this exciting job opportunity! Feel free to apply and join the #SpeechBrain family. We have big plans for the future, and we need your help. Thanks to @huggingface for sponsoring us!
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Dani S. Bassett    @DaniSBassett    11/29/2021      

This study was a computational investigation based on prior human behavioral studies. It would be exciting to take our predictions into the classroom in hands-on education research, such as that led by the PER group at CU Boulder
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