Kosta Derpanis    @CSProfKGD    11/23/2021      

Glad to see so many uses for our Penn Action dataset @dreamdragonz @zhweiyu https://t.co/1mBKkxvzZP https://t.co/lAIqZvCuH4
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AK    @ak92501    11/24/2021      

CytoImageNet: A large-scale pretraining dataset for bioimage transfer learning abs: https://t.co/X7tGedHYhP dataset: https://t.co/Yi94DrMchO a large-scale dataset of openly-sourced and weakly-labeled microscopy images (890K images, 894 classes)
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TheSequence    @TheSequenceAI    12/4/2021      

🔥2 New Super Models to Handle Any Type of Dataset We build models optimized for a specific type of dataset like: - text - audio - computer vision - etc. Is it possible to create a general model? @DeepMind unveils the answer. 1/7
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Peng Qi    @qi2peng2    11/23/2021      

Crowdsourcing is hard, technical work. I wish one day I get to write a paper on a crowdsourced dataset that mainly focuses on the idea behind the data, the dataset itself, and the 1000000s of considerations and technical hurdles on the way. Not the boilerplate baseline models.

AK    @ak92501    12/3/2021      

PartImageNet: A Large, High-Quality Dataset of Parts abs: https://t.co/q8AfX8mVab a large, high-quality dataset with part segmentation annotations. It consists of 158 classes from ImageNet with approximately 240000 images
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