Melanie Mitchell    @MelMitchell1    11/23/2021      

This panel, and the whole conference look terrific -- and registration is free!
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Andrew Davison    @AjdDavison    11/30/2021      

Free registration for 3DV starting tomorrow! Great lineup of speakers and papers.
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ServiceNow    @servicenow    11/19/2021      

From 48 days to 48 hours Learn how @NadroOficial reduced customer registration time— and transformed its processes— through the #NowPlatform.
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Carola-Bibiane Schönlieb    @caromitreka    11/29/2021      

Registration is now open for the @LondMathSoc invited lectures on the mathematics of deep learning given by @GittaKutyniok at @NewtonInstitute in Cambridge from 28 February to 4 March 2022.
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CVPR    @CVPR    11/29/2021      

#ComputerVision community, 16.2K followers looks mighty low for our premier annual conference, #CVPR2022. Let’s get that number up!
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