Christopher Manning    @chrmanning    11/23/2021      

We seem to be seeing a new split on immigration, with the US and UK seemingly determined to keep most immigrants out, but Germany and Canada, and, very soon, Australia again, throwing down big welcome mats (via @NYTimes).
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Alex Polozov    @Skiminok    11/19/2021      

Welcome Everyday Robots to Twitter and to the outside world 🙂 Seeing them wander around the X building this past month was delightful. Can't wait until I ask one to fold my laundry someday.

MilaQuebec    @Mila_Quebec    12/6/2021      

Mila is proud to welcome five new Canada CIFAR AI Chairs among its faculty. These world-class researchers will receive long-term funding to support their research activities.

clem 🤗    @ClementDelangue    2 hours      

Where is the @huggingface team residing? Out of 100 team members, we have 20 different countries, #1 the USA, #2 France, and then Canada, Switzerland, Germany, Belgium, Brazil, China, Croatia, UK, India, Ireland, Netherlands, Nigeria, Norway, Russia, Spain, Turkey, Uruguay!
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Joe Hellerstein    @joe_hellerstein    11/23/2021      

Wow, I took that @nytimes “where to live” quiz and 20% of the top 10 suggestions were in Ithaca, NY.