Behnam Neyshabur    @bneyshabur    11/24/2021      

My wife and I love traveling & backpacking. A year ago today, we broke our lease & moved our belongings to a storage to try #workation lifestyle. We decided to give it a shot for a few weeks & come back if doesn't work out. Amazingly, we are not back yet and we love it this way!
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Brandon Rohrer    @_brohrer_    12/6/2021      

After 30,000 time steps, the fish is a lot better. It doesn't catch all the food, but it catches a lot of them. Also, for some reason it likes to dance.

François Chollet    @fchollet    11/25/2021      

The fact that many people have staked a lot on an illusion doesn't mean it's not still an illusion.
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Microsoft Research    @MSFTResearch    12/1/2021      

Synthetic DNA could meet future storage needs, & researchers created a proof-of-concept molecular controller to overcome one limiting factor—writing throughput. Learn how the work greatly increases synthesis density to move closer to practical DNA storage:
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Dani S. Bassett    @DaniSBassett    12/3/2021      

Preparing for my favorite class of the semester. Who doesn't want to start their day with massive networks in rainbow colors? #NetworkScience
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