CVPR    @CVPR    11/24/2021      

Less than 24 hours left to submit your #CVPR2022 supplemental material. Please submit as early as possible to avoid any (we hope not) upload issues.
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CVPR    @CVPR    11/17/2021      

Reason behind @MicrosoftCMT crash: CMT informed us that the allocation of servers based on the rate of #CVPR2022 submissions a couple of hours before deadline was inadequate for the final crush. Moral of the story: Do not submit at the last possible minute tomorrow!
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Alex Dimakis    @AlexGDimakis    11/17/2021      

While waiting for #CVPR2022 CMT to get up again, I would like to propose a simple cryptographic solution to the big data submission problem: We only upload a SHA256 hash of our to-be-submitted pdf and then upload the committed pdf any time next week.
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Lingfei Wu    @lingfei_wu    11/27/2021      

Look forward to seeing you at Phoenix #wsdm Please submit your papers to our Machine Learning On Graphs Workshop! #GNN #GNNUpdates #DataScience

Shlomo Engelson Argamon    @ShlomoArgamon    11/25/2021      

Submissions open for a new Research Topic in Frontiers in #AI: Language and Computation - #NaturalLanguageProcessing for Low-resource Languages and Domains Please submit and share!