Andrej Karpathy    @karpathy    11/24/2021      

Netflix's 'Arcane' (from Riot Games, of League of Legends fame) is refreshingly and unepectedly beautiful. (am on ep4)
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Bhuwan Dhingra    @bhuwandhingra    11/23/2021      

Yes, the Durham-Chapel Hill area is indeed this beautiful! Both @duke_nlp and @uncnlp are hiring PhD students - apply!
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Michael Bronstein    @mmbronstein    11/30/2021      

The #3DV2021 tutorial on spectral geometry reminds how beautiful this field is. Here are some of our older results on "isospectralization" or "hearing the shape of the drum" from CVPR 2019
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Surya Ganguli    @SuryaGanguli    11/27/2021      

A beautiful simulation of quantum dynamics in a chaotic billiard! See also the linked tweet for associated classical unstable periodic orbits.

Melanie Mitchell    @MelMitchell1    12/1/2021      

Beautiful example of AI being used to help humans discover previously unknown patterns and relationships in mathematics.