Ines Montani 〰️    @_inesmontani    11/24/2021      

I've been trying to buy @github Enterprise Cloud for ~1 month now and I've never been straight up ghosted by sales before 🤯 I got tricked into thinking that what you buy yourself online == what's documented. It's not. You need a "sales-managed plan". To which GH says this (!):
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François Chollet    @fchollet    11/28/2021      

The dominant philosophical current in AI is characterized by narrow-minded reductionism and ahistoricity -- ignorance of the thinking that came before (often, the "before" threshold is... 2015!)
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Brad Wyble    @bradpwyble    12/4/2021      

If you want a nice case of whiplash, watch this clip. Brace yourself for the twist ending.

Cassie Kozyrkov    @quaesita    12/4/2021      

Those of you who've professionally built and launched a #MachineLearning system at scale, I have a question for you: Did you already have an A/B testing platform in place *before* you started building ML solutions? (What's A/B testing? Here's an intro:
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Andrei Bursuc    @abursuc    6/18/2021      

Leave Those Nets Alone: Advances in Self-Supervised Learning. Join us this Sunday for our #cvpr2021 tutorial to discover what's cooking these days in the different flavors of self-supervised learning. Recordings and slides will be online right after.
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