Max Jaderberg    @maxjaderberg    11/24/2021      

Simple prototypes and experimentation with wave function collapse topology generation like this [4/n]
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Arash Vahdat    @ArashVahdat    12/3/2021      

πŸ“’ #LACE: Controllable & Compositional Generation with Latent-Space Energy-Based Models We introduce an extremely simple method for converting unconditional GANs into conditional models by training only a classifier. abs: project:
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TsinghuaNLP    @TsinghuaNLP    12/3/2021      

πŸ’₯Proud to announce that OpenPrompt supports the "generation for all tasks" paradigm! By using a GenerationVerbalizer, anything in the InputExample could become the target words, and any tasks (classification, generation) could be carried out in a unified generation style.

PyTorch Lightning    @PyTorchLightnin    11/28/2021      

πŸƒ Leaf: Multiple Question Generation Easy to use and understand multiple-choice question generation algorithm using T5 Transformers. Kudos to Kristiyan Vachev! πŸ‘πŸ½ ⚑️ Learn More: h
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Max Jaderberg    @maxjaderberg    11/24/2021      

Found some early gifs experimenting with conditional procedural environment generation which ultimately led to the XLand environment in This is an example of conditional generation towards the structure of the @DeepMind logo [1/n]
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