Falmouth University    @FalmouthUni    11/24/2021      

This Friday afternoon, we'll be joining an Instagram Live reflection on #COP26 with our friends @TheSUFalExe, to talk about what we took away from our time at the conference 🌍Follow the SU presidents Instagram account to tune in 👉 https://t.co/xDXHvLBkSF
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Miles Cranmer    @MilesCranmer    12/4/2021      

Tune in for our tutorial on Monday: No conference registration required! (just an account)
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Behnam Neyshabur    @bneyshabur    11/24/2021      

So far we have visited and worked from Mexico City, many regions in Costa Rica, Canada and US. Here's a map of our US-Canada road trip (we drove more than 15K miles). You can follow our instagram page: https://t.co/wVDrDWmqJm

Kosta Derpanis    @CSProfKGD    11/29/2021      

Working in #ComputerVision and not a follower? Follow to keep up with the latest news from vision’s premier conference. Please retweet.
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Dan Roy    @roydanroy    12/4/2021      

Do not use @ubereats ever. My friends used it. My family is no longer using it. Friends don’t let friends use Uber.

NeurIPS Conference    @NeurIPSConf    12/6/2021      

Going beyond fairness at the #NeurIPS2021 tutorial starting in 30 minutes. Join us at https://t.co/CT6dXD9W6d (no conference registration required, but you need an account at https://t.co/dkJr8jVxhR)
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