Alan Nichol    @alanmnichol    11/24/2021      

Rasa 3.0 is a big deal. The graph architecture brings NLU, dialogue, and NLG models on a common platform. One codebase which we can use to experiment with seq2seq, LLMs, fully rule-based systems, and everything in between. Join us on YouTube next week!
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AK    @ak92501    11/24/2021      

Building Goal-Oriented Dialogue Systems with Situated Visual Context abs:
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Luis Ceze    @luisceze    9/23/2021      

Read about automated portability of ML models across cloud and edge HW with the @octoml SaaS platform. More choice, more performance, lower cost and less engineering leads to more innovation!
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Learn everything you need to know to avoid the most common #RPA mistakes and forge a clear path on your #Automation journey with #AutomationAnywhereUniversity & @MicahDanSmith
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Reza Zadeh    @Reza_Zadeh    11/25/2021      

I am thankful for: - Gradients: they can improve any situation - Transformers: reignited my faith in larger models after a period of architecture stagnation - The Matroid team: for crushing every challenge - The mystery of consciousness & life Happy Thanksgiving!! 🦃🍽🍁