Dani S. Bassett    @DaniSBassett    11/24/2021      

Thinking about brains, entropy production, and energy consumption. Amazed by this paper from @MitoPsychoBio assessing mitochondrial connectivity and its relation to behavior, gene expression, and the structural connectome. https://t.co/ye2FeZSi2P
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Dan Roy    @roydanroy    12/2/2021      

i've got energy for research got energy for teaching even got energy for service but i need suggestions for how not to plop down in front of netflix/appletv/youtub at night instead of taking care of nonacademic tasks piling up around me.
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/MachineLearning    @slashML    11/30/2021      

Deep Learning in Production Book https://t.co/dJ5HG5D3Os
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Guido van Rossum    @gvanrossum    18 hours      

Python 3.10.1 is ready (https://t.co/vpWNsNxJ2O). Like lastr time, I'd love to hear from people who are using 3.10 in production!
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Razvan Pascanu 🇪🇺    @rpascanu    12/6/2021      

Excited about this work. We've spent some time thinking about what we'd like from a benchmark, and while I think this is not the last word on the matter it is a good step forward.
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