Lex Fridman    @lexfridman    11/24/2021      

1. Atari in 1979 - redirecting asteroids 2. Bruce Willis in 1998 - redirecting asteroids 3. NASA & SpaceX in 2021 - redirecting asteroids Humans making sci-fi a reality. Amazing to see.
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François Chollet    @fchollet    11/25/2021      

People project their illusion of choice on this statement. It does apply to many things throughout human history. Humans love their fantasies. But reality has a way of catching up. For reference, here's the original context where I said it, two years ago.
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François Chollet    @fchollet    11/28/2021      

In reality, intelligence is open-ended and embodied, embedded in an environment, in an ecosystem. In the case of humans, it's also embedded in a culture, and externalized as social and technological systems. Cognition cannot be understood in a fragmented manner
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Prof. Anima Anandkumar    @AnimaAnandkumar    11/26/2021      

I am thankful for having an amazing group of students and collaborators both at @Caltech and @nvidia Their passion continues to inspire me every day. I am also thankful to my family for being an amazing source of support. #HappyThanksgiving

Ayanna Howard    @robotsmarts    11/23/2021      

Welcome @HarleyFEtienne to @OSUengineering. It's an amazing time to join us.
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Emplifi    @emplifi_io    11/20/2021      

Why we love social media: https://t.co/BYkfDDAG0y Kudos to @kumandgo and @redbull, you guys are amazing ❤️
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