Meta AI    @MetaAI    11/24/2021      

We’re augmenting our open source data set to help surface fairness issues in #AI speech models. By adding human speech transcriptions, researchers can test how automatic speech recognition models work for people in different demographic groups. More:
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Yann LeCun    @ylecun    11/18/2021      

XLS-R: multilingual speech recognition system pre-trained with SSL on 128 languages. Smashing results. And it's open source.
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Tal Linzen    @tallinzen    11/28/2021      

Also, different demographic groups in Manhattan sure differ in their eagerness to vaccinate children

Thomas Wolf    @Thom_Wolf    8/19/2021      

A few years ago I was mostly interested in models, creating 🤗transformers, adding BERT, GPT, T5… Over time I’ve seen my interests shift to data (sharing, evaluation, processing) leading to 🤗datasets And I see many people around me follow a similar path We are slowly maturing
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/MachineLearning    @slashML    11/27/2021      

Apple Researchers Propose A Method For Reconstructing Training Data From Diverse Machine Learning Models By Ensemble Inversion
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