TensorFlow    @TensorFlow    11/24/2021      

Take a fresh look at #Keras Preprocessing Layers as they transition into official TensorFlow APIs. Learn more in this article from the Keras team https://t.co/AzkrZ2ZhSw
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TensorFlow    @TensorFlow    12/1/2021      

Aimed at making preprocessing data fit more naturally into model development workflow, the #Keras team released Keras Preprocessing Layers. Learn more https://t.co/yhVzxZgE41
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François Chollet    @fchollet    12/6/2021      

Keras tweetorial: using preprocessing layers to normalize a NumPy dataset and one-hot encode a set of string labels.
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Martin Görner    @martin_gorner    12/1/2021      

Keras Preprocessing Layers. From tokenizing text, augmenting images, to bucketizing and encoding features from tabular data, they can do a lot. Check out this new blog post by @mattdangerw: https://t.co/F2MTHPhCjG
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Intel AI    @IntelAI    11/18/2021      

Businesses everywhere are incorporating #AI into their operations, but scaling these projects is a potential pain point for many. Read this article from Fortune that peeks behind the curtain and learn how major companies are making the transition. https://t.co/HW5U26DV7A
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