Martin Görner    @martin_gorner    11/24/2021      

Self-supervised learning techniques on images are making steady progress. Here are Masked Auto Encoders: I's impressive how much the neural network can reconstruct.
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MosaicML    @MosaicML    12/4/2021      

Transfer learning has become a key tool in efficiently training deep neural networks. Typically, a network is pretrained using a large amount of data on a related supervised or self-supervised task. Then, the final few layers (the "head") are removed and a new head is added.(2/8)

Yuandong Tian    @tydsh    12/6/2021      

I am looking for a postdoc who wants to work on either of the following research topics: (1) learning to optimize via ML/RL techniques, (2) understanding and improving self-supervised learning techniques. Please contact me ( if you are interested. Thanks!
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Sayak Paul    @RisingSayak    11/25/2021      

New work with @ariG23498 on implementing Masked Autoencoders for self-supervised pretraining of images. Thanks to @endernewton for the helpful discussions.

Yann LeCun    @ylecun    12/4/2021      

SEAL: Self-Supervised Embodied Active Learning from #MetaAI
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