MMitchell    @mmitchell_ai    11/24/2021      

Great article on the work of @IfeomaOzoma, who is such a force in stopping the rampant discrimination in tech right now. One of the people I respect the most this year. She is a pivotal part of this puzzle. A Tech Whistle-Blower Helps Others Speak Out
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Justin Johnson    @jcjohnss    11/25/2021      

We intentionally avoid data with people due to privacy concerns both through subreddit selection and filtering with face detectors so images with people don’t give great results; it usually ignores people entirely (as in your examples!)

Sam Altman    @sama    11/28/2021      

Don't take work advice from unsuccessful (as you define it) people. Don't take life advice from unhappy/unfulfilled people.
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MMitchell    @mmitchell_ai    11/27/2021      

The moral of the story here is this: If a tech company is publicly saying that it will take care of its own discrimination problems internally, they're not actually saying they'll work on seriously fixing the problem.
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clem 🤗    @ClementDelangue    11/25/2021      

Super cool! I'm sure people would love to find it on!