Josh Gordon    @random_forests    11/25/2021      

+100 to this entire thread. And good advice for students applying to grad school here. One more: chat w/ your advisor’s former students. Make sure they’re kind, and that they set their students up for success before you commit.
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Vaishnavh Nagarajan    @_vaishnavh    12/5/2021      

Rather than being informative, these terms have the unintended effect of sounding discouraging to me (am I really motivated enough like my peers? is my background strong enough?). I suspect these terms deter many students from applying even if they'd have been a good fit. (2/)

Fernanda Viégas    @viegasf    9/29/2021      

Thinking about grad school next year? Interested in visualization, human/AI interaction, computational art? Consider Harvard! @wattenberg and I are building up our lab and will be looking for students. Our DMs are open.
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Hal Daumé III    @haldaume3    11/24/2021      

2. Related to diversity, a very common failure mode when matching scores are based on "matching to past papers by reviewer" (eg "TPMS scores") is that two students from the same lab with the same advisor who wrote a paper together get matched to the same paper. 6/n

MIT CSAIL    @MIT_CSAIL    11/28/2021      

"Students shouldn't go out into life without the ability to communicate. Your success in life will be determined largely by... -your ability to speak, -your ability to write, & -the quality of your ideas, **in that order**." -Late MIT Prof. Patrick Winston
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