Stephan Mandt    @s_mandt    11/25/2021      

Working on neural data compression but never heard of a niche topic called “probabilistic circuits”? It seems worth looking into them! with @liu_anji, @guyvdb
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Taco Cohen    @TacoCohen    12/1/2021      

We're looking for summer interns at Qualcomm AI Research in Amsterdam! Interested in working on causal rep. learning & RL (my team), compression/generative models, combinatorial opt., model efficiency, federated learning, wireless, perception? Apply now!
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Alex Williams    @ItsNeuronal    12/1/2021      

I'm excited to try this extension of tensor decomposition to fully probabilistic / Bayesian inference for neural spiking data. Congrats @soulat_h on this NeurIPS spotlight paper!

Martin Mundt    @mundt_martin    12/5/2021      

🎉🎉 Our proposal paper: **Elevating Perceptual Sample Quality in Probabilistic Circuits through Differentiable Sampling** for the preregistration science #NeurIPS2021 workshop is up: Amazing push by 1. year PhD student @slangmz👏👏 Tiny summary ⬇️⬇️
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Kyunghyun Cho    @kchonyc    11/27/2021      

thinking aloud seeing is the investigation into looking at probabilities really interesting, or are such observations trivial given that we are working with a finite # of ex's?