Henry Yuen    @henryquantum    11/25/2021      

A nice Quanta article by @mordechwhy about the recent breakthrough on locally testable codes with asymptotically optimal parameters.
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In this article, three Chinese researchers introduce the recent advances in the use of Natural User Interface (NUI) for neurological disease detection and assessment, and share some of their practices in the area. Read more here via @CACMmag : https://t.co/cvwnvhEZRh
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Alex Dimakis    @AlexGDimakis    9/30/2021      

Fitting theoretical predictions to explain a real phenomenon can be always achieved by tuning free parameters in the theory. Famously "four parameters can fit to an elephant and five can make him wiggle its trunk.''
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Jack Clark    @jackclarkSF    11/29/2021      

2 years means frontier of dense generative models goes from 1.6billion parameters (Salesforce, following GPT-2), to 530billion parameters (Microsoft Megatron-Turing https://t.co/md03Qz8K90). 330X increase in model size, not too shabby.
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Andrea Tagliasacchi    @taiyasaki    12/2/2021      

Towaki’s article is spot on, plus you are not stuck in a country (i.e. US) while you do grad school, and if you have a partner they can work while you study.
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