Sayak Paul    @RisingSayak    11/25/2021      

New work with @ariG23498 on implementing Masked Autoencoders for self-supervised pretraining of images. Thanks to @endernewton for the helpful discussions.
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Martin Görner    @martin_gorner    11/24/2021      

Self-supervised learning techniques on images are making steady progress. Here are Masked Auto Encoders: I's impressive how much the neural network can reconstruct.
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Aritra Roy Gosthipaty    @ariG23498    11/25/2021      

Our work (\w @RisingSayak) on masked image modelling has been published in The tutorial is the paper implementation of Masked Autoencoders Are Scalable Vision Learners. arxiv: Link:
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François Chollet    @fchollet    11/24/2021      

New paper walkthrough on masked image modeling. Applying the principles of masked language modeling to computer vision. Created by @arig23498 and @RisingSayak
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AK    @ak92501    11/24/2021      

CytoImageNet: A large-scale pretraining dataset for bioimage transfer learning abs: dataset: a large-scale dataset of openly-sourced and weakly-labeled microscopy images (890K images, 894 classes)
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