Boris Knyazev    @BorisAKnyazev    11/25/2021      

I'm honored to be part of @ykilcher's video. I was a bit nervous (didn't know exactly what to expect), but it was a very smooth and entertaining process, so highly recommend to others.
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Thomas Kipf    @thomaskipf    10/26/2021      

Excited (and honored) to be elected as an @ELLISforEurope Scholar in the newly launched "Semantic, Symbolic and Interpretable Machine Learning" ELLIS program. Many thanks to @vtresp, @kerstingAIML & Paolo Frasconi for the nomination and to many others in ELLIS for their support!
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Max Welling    @wellingmax    12/6/2021      

This was a fantastic tutorial. I can recommend it to everyone!
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Dr. Roman Yampolskiy    @romanyam    12/3/2021      

Treat others like you want them to release you from AI-box.
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Walter Scheirer    @wjscheirer    17 hours      

Can’t recommend this new Tech Ethics course in @NDengineering enough…
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