Michael Burke    @mgb_infers    11/25/2021      

Want to squeeze one last robotics conference in this year? Join us at ACRA 2021 on gathertown - registration is free and we have a really exciting program lined up! https://t.co/6gsgL8hX9f
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Melanie Mitchell    @MelMitchell1    11/23/2021      

This panel, and the whole conference look terrific -- and registration is free!
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Animesh Garg    @animesh_garg    11/22/2021      

Future holds some very exciting directions to scale these ideas to cloud robotics
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Pieter Abbeel    @pabbeel    7/27/2021      

Some big news today: we / @CovariantAI raised 80MM C-round, led by @IndexVentures, and bringing in several new investors! So much exciting AI Robotics work ahead of us :) https://t.co/FsDjpf0b2j
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Anna Rogers    @annargrs    11/23/2021      

Maybe we should just stop asking reviewers about type of presentations, and let PCs assemble the program thematically? Bonus: arguably a more interesting conference where people in the same oral session might be able to do mini-panels or something like that. /3

Elizabeth Yang    @leezabuh    11/23/2021      

Really excited to share this joint work with Siqi Liu, Sidhanth Mohanty (@sidzekrom), and Tselil Schramm! Sebastian Bubeck does a fantastic job explaining the problem setting and the prior line of work in the thread below. Our result employs some exciting techniques ... 1/2
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