Ziwei Liu    @liuziwei7    11/25/2021      

Our #NeurIPS2021 paper "Density-aware Chamfer Distance as a Comprehensive Metric for Point Cloud Completion": Paper: https://t.co/QdvBdfPr9u Code: https://t.co/tN8tChACoT - Density-aware Chamfer Distance (DCD), a more faithful metric for measuring the point set similarity.
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Meta AI    @MetaAI    18 hours      

At #NeurIPS2021 we’re sharing results of the Image Similarity Challenge, an open research competition to create better systems to identify manipulated images. We’re also sharing a unique million-image data set created by Meta AI. https://t.co/YH98avKhva
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Zeta Alpha    @ZetaVector    6 hours      

Want to dive into #NeurIPS2021 but don't know where to start? Here're some ideas! A thread🧵👇
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Zeynep Akata    @zeynepakata    12/6/2021      

Come and join us on Tuesday Dec 7th at 8:30AM-10AM PST #NeurIPS2021
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Christian Wolf    @chriswolfvision    1 hour      

Gather town should be renamed ghost town. #neurips2021