Aurélien Geron    @aureliengeron    11/25/2021      

I just had the chance to review "Natural Language Processing with Transformers" by @_lewtun, @lvwerra and @Thom_Wolf from 🤗@huggingface: it's a fantastic book! Very clear, hands-on, and packed with helpful tips & tricks. Check out the early release:
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David Bamman    @dbamman    11/22/2021      

Happy to *finally* release BookNLP in python, a natural language processing pipeline for English optimized for literary books, now installable via pip Some of the tasks it addresses: 1/8
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JHU CLSP    @jhuclsp    11/16/2021      

We are hiring! @JHUCompSci is looking for TT faculty in natural language processing (including machine reasoning and grounded language), machine learning, AI and HCI. Join us!
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Brandon Rohrer    @_brohrer_    11/30/2021      

My hope is that the next time you read an article about the latest natural language processing conquest, you'll be able to nod contentedly, having pretty darn good mental model of what's going on under the hood.

Julien Simon    @julsimon    11/30/2021      

New @huggingface blog post! Our Optimum library now supports Graphcore IPUs to accelerate Transformers 🚀🚀🚀 #MachineLearning #MLOps
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