Karl Tuyls    @karl_tuyls    11/25/2021      

Our book AI for Sports will appear in January'22. Learn about the latest AI techniques and challenges in the sports domain.
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Stanford HAI    @StanfordHAI    12/6/2021      

How can we use artificial intelligence to build a more robust, inclusive, and resilient financial infrastructure? Take a closer look at the latest research on the opportunities and challenges in integrating AI in financial services. https://t.co/BFsF4xSrdo

Stanford HAI    @StanfordHAI    12/2/2021      

Determining molecular structures is one of the hardest problems in biology and medical discovery. Here, Stanford researchers described their latest work that helps solve this problem by predicting accurate structures using machine learning techniques. https://t.co/cQw4Jk8Rpw
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Christian Steinmetz    @csteinmetz1    6 hours      

We can already emulate existing audio effects, but how can we create NEW and controllable effects with neural networks? We propose a simple method in our latest work to appear at the NeurIPS @ML4CDworkshop. Let's go over some of the details in this thread 🧵
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James Briggs    @jamescalam    11/23/2021      

⁉️Latest @Pinecone_io article on open domain question-answering: https://t.co/Vahnbkzw62 Exploring both extractive and abstractive (generative) pipelines using @huggingface and sentence-transformers (@Nils_Reimers) #NLProc #100DaysOfMLCode #VectorDatabase #SemanticSearch
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