Rosanne Liu    @savvyRL    11/25/2021      

Happy thanksgiving! I have a special person to thank today. This has been an incredibly hard year but she made the best out of it. This is her, 14 years ago, merely 2 months after arriving in the US & already doing the most American thing: going to a football game. I love her!


Andrew Gelman et al.    @StatModeling    11/25/2021      

Spufford: “Semi-bamboozled” and cookery vs. science (special Thanksgiving post)

Sara Hooker    @sarahookr    12/3/2021      

Wow, my NeurIPS 2021 Paper Recommendations seem incredibly well tailored. A nice mix of papers I have already read, and some intriguing new ones. What a cool addition to the conference to help mitigate choice paralysis.
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Cushion    @cushion_ai    11/18/2021      

Who is going to get asked about their credit score at Thanksgiving this year?

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