Bastian Rieck    @Pseudomanifold    11/25/2021      

The state of the art in bureaucratic communications: I write an e-mail, my dad (!) gets a response via fax, scans it, and sends it to me via e-mail. You cannot make this up.




Pasquale Minervini    @PMinervini    3 hours      

If you are interested, feel free to chat me up these days at @NeurIPSConf, or just connect with me via e-mail! 📧 🙂 (5/5)

Thomas Wolf    @Thom_Wolf    12/5/2021      

Mostly unpublished and personal communications (the difficulty of publishing negative results...) but @tianyunnn pointed me to one of his recent papers on this here:

Falmouth University    @FalmouthUni    5 hours      

Why does storytelling in marketing matter? 🙄 MA Marketing and Digital Communications (online) student Becky Wright shares her thoughts on creative digital storytelling 👉

CVPR    @CVPR    11/15/2021      

Official response from our #CVPR2022 program chairs.
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