Christian Wolf    @chriswolfvision    11/25/2021      

Me: so, in C/C++ this could be done more efficiently My PhD students: OK boomer
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Josh Gordon    @random_forests    11/25/2021      

+100 to this entire thread. And good advice for students applying to grad school here. One more: chat w/ your advisor’s former students. Make sure they’re kind, and that they set their students up for success before you commit.
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Justin Solomon    @JustinMSolomon    12/2/2021      

I too am tired of meaningless questions like this on rec forms. How should I estimate this %? Have I recently recommended over 100 students to assess 1-2% vs 5%? Do you want a confidence interval? And as a reader of admissions files, apparently 99% of students are in the top 1%.

Victor Dibia    @vykthur    12/4/2021      

Great opportunity for grad students working in the Natural Language to Code space.
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Vaishnavh Nagarajan    @_vaishnavh    12/5/2021      

P.S. If one's intent is really to filter students based on their confidence levels, then it makes complete sense to just be explicit about it ("I'm looking for students who have well-calibrated confidence in their abilities..."). (I doubt this is often the intent though?) (6/)