A neuromorphic model of olfactory processing and sparse coding in the Drosophila larva brain is available to read at https://t.co/0OOqgmRgw3. From Anna-Maria Jürgensen and Martin Paul Nawrot (both @nawrot_group), @Afshinkhalilii, Elisabetta Chicca (@cognigron), & @giacomoi.
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Leo Boytsov    @srchvrs    11/19/2021      

Once again, a friendly reminder that though it's ok to celebrate your success, the most useful way to do so when a preprint is available. This reduces the likelihood somebody interested in your work would forget to read the paper when the paper is available.
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Joan Serrà    @serrjoa    11/25/2021      

Our latest work is now available. Check the project website for audio examples!
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Justin Solomon    @JustinMSolomon    11/23/2021      

📣🔥🎉 there doesn’t seem to be a perfect emoji to capture the essence of this paper but it’s a great application of geometry processing machinery!

/MachineLearning    @slashML    11/27/2021      

XLS-R: Self-supervised speech processing for 128 languages https://t.co/S24zbmW4Ar
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