Demis Hassabis    @demishassabis    11/25/2021      

If you want a ​get a good feel for ​the complexity and sheer number of innovations that were required to make #AlphaFold ​2 work then check out this great introductory video by​ @xsteenbrugge
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Tal Linzen    @tallinzen    12/2/2021      

Update: applicants to the @NYUDataScience Ph.D. program will not be required to take the GRE this year. We will consider GRE test scores if they are submitted, and the GRE is still required for M.S. applicants. For full details, see:
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Brandon Rohrer    @_brohrer_    12/6/2021      

From my inbox If I'm a student, not yet familiar with ML, are there any introductory reinforcement learning materials you can point me to? I'm looking for something even more gentle than Sutton and Barto or David Silver.

Miles Cranmer    @MilesCranmer    12/4/2021      

Tune in for our tutorial on Monday: No conference registration required! (just an account)
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DeepMind    @DeepMind    11/30/2021      

What a year! #AlphaFold has been named as a @PopSci #BestOfWhatsNew winner in the Engineering category. Read more about what earned us a spot on the top 100:
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